[MUST READ] UNIJOS Registration Procedures For New Students




GENERATION OF ACCESS CODE: [The Role of the Candidate]

  1. Candidate visits http://www.mis.unijos.edu.ng/pg/admissions checks admission status
  2. If successful, candidate prints their Admission Slip
  3. Candidate then visits www.remita.net to pay their Pre-Registration Fees
  4. Upon successful payment, prints Remita receipt
  5. Candidate then takes the admission slip, receipts and other required documents to the Faculty Finance Officer for verification/authentication


VERIFICATION: [The Role of the Faculty Finance Officer]

  1. The FFO verifies/authenticate the receipt presented by candidate
  2. The FFO visits http://www.mis.unijos.edu.ng/verification and logs in with his credentials
  3. The FFO updates the student information with the RRR on the payment receipts
  4. Upon successful update, the system automatically generates an Access Code for the candidate
  5. The FFO then prints 3 copies of the Access Code Slip.
  6. The FFO gives a copy of the slip each to the candidate.


BIO DATA: [The Role of the Candidate]

  1. The candidate visits http://mis.unijos.edu.ng/pg/registration
  2. The candidate does their Bio data Registration using Access Code and prints print 5 copies of the bio data registration form
  3. The candidate then proceeds to Academic Office and Department/Faculty for clearance

[The Role of the Faculty Admin Officer]

  1. The FO receives necessary documents from the candidate
  2. The FO verifies and clears the candidate
  3. The FO clears the candidate on the system
  4. The FO then signs off clearance slip to the candidate


PAYMENT OF FEES: [The Role of the Candidate]

  1. The candidate visits http://www.remita.net and pay the prescribed school charges
  2. The candidate then prints the school charges payment receipt

NOTE: These registration procedures does not include SUG RegistrationMedical Screening and Departmental Rergistration


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